We define a woman's worth, help her reclaim her crown and give her a voice.

Nairobi, Kenya

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Our Key Strategies


The organization will endeavour to create brand visibility by having her logo on all business cards, newsletters, letter heads, reports and all promotional materials. In so doing we will create a sense of business like the firm will use high quality printing materials.

Joining social and sporting activities

Joining the activities in order to increase and improve the scope of work in the County and country at large thereby improving the firm’s public image in a positive, effective and efficient way.

Striving to improve our relations with the media

The media is a powerful tool in socializing and influencing attitudes and perceptions. Media practitioners are always looking for new areas to report, hence enabling us to offer unsolicited commentaries programs in the media thereby facilitating the advertisements in a cost effective manner.

Joining a professional body or club

This will increase our chances of meeting with professionals In the areas and also brainstorming with well experienced personnel in different institutions. The partners will also contribute to articles in the professional body Newsletters and journals and actively present in conferences. Thereby leading to the creation of a niche as professionals in our area. Blogging and online posting to professional networks like LinkedIn will improve our online profile as an initiative.

Hosting of the organizations website

making it easy to navigate and logically structured, informative, user friendly, attractive and frequently updating it. Enabling us to reach unlimited scope in eradicating gender based discrimination.


Ensuring that proper records of accounts are kept and regular audits are carried out to ensure money entrusted to us is used for its particular projected purpose.

The African Woman is;

A queen, a jewel, she is priceless, but her crown has been trampled in mud, with her crown, her glory, her self respect, her dignity, her self esteem and self worth have gone. She no longer understands it. She has been defined by the society; she has borne the blame for simply being a woman. She has been classified with children and worse still, with property. She has been blamed for being barren or bearing too many children.

The Woman hasn’t had her defined worth.

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